Видео: '59 Gillette Fatboy vs. Merkur Futur: A Battle of the Adjustables

Merkur Futur vs Merkur Vision vs Gillette Fatboy Razor Emporium Wet Shave Showdown

We are your source for new and vintage wet shaving accessories and antique razor restoration services! http://www ...

Gillette Fatboy Safety Razor Review and Shave

If you enjoy my videos please purchase your items by using the links below and supporting my channel so that I can keep making ...

Battle of the Beasts! The Results!

Part 3 Battle of the Beasts! The Results! Muhle r41 vs Merkur Futur (6).

Merkur Futur Maintenance

Short video of disassembly, cleaning, and oiling of my Merkur Futur.

The 1959 Gillette FatBoy Shave: Near Perfection

Hot out of the mailbox, I just received this 1959 Gillette FatBoy today and it's time to shave with it for the first time. It ...

Revisiting the 1958 Gold Fatboy Razor

It's time to bring out a seldom used, but much loved, Executive Model 1958 Gold Gillette Fatboy in nearly perfect original ...

Vintage Gillette Fatboy vs Gillette Slim Safety Razor

Browse our Vintage Fatboy & Slim Safety Razors here - https://bit.ly/2GmV4BE Some say the Gillette Fatboy is the best safety ...

Gillette Fatboy 1960 - GEO Trumpers Limes Shaving Cream

In this shave I am using the Gillette Fatboy 1960, GEO Trumper's Limes shaving cream, Merkur Super DE Blade, Semogue 830 ...

Fatboy 101

Introduction to the Gillette 195 Adjustable razor.

Battle of the beasts! The set-up!

Part 1 Battle of the Beasts! The Muhle r41 vs. the Merkur Futur (6). Stay tuned!!

Final Review - Merkur Futur

Welcome to my final review of the Merkur Futur. A modern adjustable razor that is built like a tank and is equally as effective.

Gillette FatBoy 1961 | Lever Brother's - Port Sunlight - Shaving Soap

Welcome to the Sunday Shave Products Used: Gillette FatBoy 1961 Done by Delta Echo Razor Works Dollar Platinum DE Blade ...

Merkur Futur | The Daily Shave

Matt here with another Daily Shave video and DE safety razor shave and soap review. The Soap: Whispers from the Woods ...

Gillette Slim and Gillette Fatboy Comparison

A very special comparison shave between a Vintage Gillette Slim Adjustable razor and a Vintage Gillette Fatboy adjustable razor.

Merkur Futur vs Merkur Progress

In this episode of SOTZ Zach shaves with and compares the Merkur Futur and Merkur Progress. Assisting in this shave is Acqua ...

Gillette Fatboy Razor Review

this is my first shave with a Gillette Fatboy!

Merkur Futur Setting 6 Most Aggressive

In this shave I am using the Merkur Futur razor on it's highest and most aggressive setting, number 6. Also using quite common ...

Merkur Futur Gold

Merkur Futur Gold.

Merkur Futur Unboxing and overview

I bought the Merkur Futur. Decided to show you all how lovely it is.

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