Видео: 3D Video Projection Mapping on Cubes with Quartz Composer

3D video projection mapping on cubes | DIY big effect with only 1 projector

My experimental 3D video projection mapping as a gimmick for the housewarming party at work

3D video mapping on cubes | Instant coolness with 1 projector

🔈 Turn on audio. A 3D video mapping projection I did some while ago. A pile of styrofoam blocks, 1 projector and playing ...

cube 3d video mapping movie

3D cube made in Blender. Used this to make cardboard cubes alive witdh 3D video projection.

projection mapping on 3D cubes at Paris

Video Mapping 3D structure at the International Video Mapping competition final show at Heavent Paris October 26, 2011.

Realtime projection mapping on 3D cubes

max/msp,openFrameworks tatsuru takeishi Takayuki Sone.

3D Projection Mapping on cubes

Projection mapping on cubes using Resolume Arena 4, Cinema 4D and Adobe After effects.


Twitter : http://twitter.com/vjmasaru The Christmas tree that MASARU OZAKI had produced from the sculpture to 3D video ...

3D mapping on cubes.

For a large conference in the power- and energy sector Bigwig created informative 3D mapping. A big installation of cubes were ...

3D Projection mapping on cube

Tools used to prepare graphics: Blender + After Effects Lighting console: Avolites Tiger Touch Mediaserver: Avolites AI V7 ...

3D Video Mapping Cube

3D video mapping dance piece that featured projections on a large cubic structure. Four dancers inside a cube were immersed in ...

Caleffi at MCE - 360° Projection mapping & 3D video mapping

For the 40th MCE's edition we have created “CUBO ROSSO”, an immersive space for Caleffi Spa, one of the world's leading ...

projection mapping on cube - 3d projector

projection mapping on cube - 3d projector 3D projection mapping on a cube which is of thermocol. the software used ; Autodesk ...

360° Cube Video Projection Mapping with Quartz Composer

2 Projectors connected with Matrox DualHead2Go Projection-Mapping & Live-Visuals done with Quartz Composer GLSL Mapping ...

3D Projection Mapping at Palm Expo 2019

Our: Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZTA... Website: http://knownsensestudios.com/ Email ...

3D video mapping | Mindfuck illusion with projection making a 2D wall comes to life

A realistic 3D perception (mindfuck / optical illusion) projected on a 2D wall with blanket. I made this with Cinema 4D and just one ...

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