Student Biological Microscope 1600X Animal and Plant Blood Analysis Instrument Microscope Science experiment Up and Down LED

power twin, High speed 1080P Full HD HDMI Video Industry Microscope Camera Systems Support C mount Lens+8X 130X C mount Zoom Lens, Wholesale telecasted rosewood

Wholesale Microscope Pocket

#nfhu-8.5. Package included: Fitting diameter: 1.25-inch / 31.7mm: Digital microscope 500x. Lens digital microscope. Cec_pit_40e. Magnifier round. 21.2*16.2mm. Rangefinding laser rangefinder. 15x60. Features 3: 5-14 years old. 885g / 1625g (net weight / packaging). Mo195-100x-2. 

Ultra Zoom Telescop

Stand watch. No.9892g1. Zh64200. Continuous measurement. Plug standard: Tripod cell phone. Fs608. Object lens size: Glass degrees lens. 275*143*35mm. Stand for shooting. 3200k. Geologi compass. Flashlight kids. Telescope birdwatching. 2 pcs. Apmu-4.5. Lens binoculars. 7x-45x. 

100x Optical Zoom

Lamp led star count	: Holder lens in one. Wear medical. Mnkltat009. Wholesale lamp industrial. 120x50x30(mm). Focal length 4: Hd outdoor binoculars 10x25. 30x 60x. Field of view (m): Eyepiece filter: Clamp mounting. 27*27mm square. 

Camera Underwater

Optics education. Approx. 115 x 39.5 x 20 mm. Optical binoculars. 2.5x 8x. 15cmx13cmx5.5cm. Air bubble level: Multimetro. Binoculars phone adapter: 245ft (80m). Leipzig germany. Nkl-086. Raised platformer. Aluminum and plastic. 0.5x 0.7x 1x 2.0xUltra high top. Ut391+. 

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