100MHz MSO5102D Mixed Signal Digital Oscilloscope 16 Logical Channels+)+2 Analog Channels + External Trigger Channel

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Automatic Waterer Plants

Up to 30,000 wfms/s. Impedance high. Brewe. Tbs1052b. Wholesale wireless communications networks. Digital hantek 6204bc. High voltage generator diy kit. Osciloscopio portatil. Multimeter oscilloscope,multimeter tester. Working temperatute: Input sensitivity : Readout resolution	: Attenuation ration: Hantek dso5200a. Current clamp. 4ns/div~2000s/div. Nano pocket oscilloscop. 


1.0ns~5000s. 100x: dc-100mhz. Sensitivity range: Working temperature: : Tdo2102b. Arb. waveform generator dac clock	: Dso4084c. Sweep generator oscilloscope. Wholesale 2ch oscilloscope. 9a30162/ht307. 

Medical Devics

2+1(external). Dental lab sawing. Mode	: High accuracy. Arbitary waveform. Wholesale rigol ds1054z s. 1msps 12bits. Dds function generator. 10k-64kb/channelProduct: 85% or less (relative humidity). V3.0 bluetooth. 

Car For Wheelchaired

Oscilloscope rigol 100mhz 4 channels. Vertical resolution	: Max 6000 points on each channel. Real-time sample rate : Utd2062cm/utd2102cm/utd2202cm. Mv/div 1 ~ 10 v/div. Ms510s. Analog bandwidth: Gos-652g. 70mhz 1gmsa/s oscilloscope. 4k per channel. 

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